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the New Orleans Burlesque Retreat

The 2nd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Retreat is HAPPENING!!!

Presented by Bella Blue and The New Orleans School of Burlesque.

When: March 20th-24th, 2019
Investment: $500 per person.
Non-refundable $100 deposit needed to reserve your spot.
Email to sign up.


When is this?
Check in/meet and greet on March 20th.
Classes March 21st, 22nd, 23rd.
Closing Brunch March 24th (tentative).
Possibly a couple of classes afternoon of March 24th.

A little about me:
My name is Bella Blue. I am born and raised in New Orleans and have been performing, teaching, and producing burlesque for a little over 10 years. My background is in classical ballet and modern. Upon graduating high school, I got pregnant with my first child which changed the course of life. No longer would I be running off to New York to be a dancer! A few years later, my 2nd son was born 3 weeks before Katrina. Evacuated. Returned back to Nola to start rebuilding. About a year after that, I left my baby daddy and starting trying to figure out how I could become a full time dancer in the city of New Orleans. Burlesque came into my life by accident. It started as just a hobby and then 2 years after I set foot on the stage as a burlesque performer, I quit my muggle job to become a full time performer. The rest is history. I have been so lucky to have traveled all over the US and Europe performing, teaching, and producing burlesque. The last 4 years I have had the honor of being recognized in the Top 20 Burlesque Industry Figures. I never thought in a million years that this is what my life would be!

What are we doing this for?
I am very interested in cultivating an environment that pushes us to consider social justice/art intersection, how we use our art to challenge systems of oppression, and how we use burlesque as a platform to create experiences for audience members.
My intention for this retreat is to bring like minded instructors together who believe in giving soul to what it is that we do. These instructors are masters of their craft and each offer their own ways of connecting and bringing more meaning into what we do. This art form is more than just "getting on stage and taking off your clothes." This is how I hear burlesque so commonly described and it just completely waters down the power and obligation that we have to our audiences, ourselves, and each other. This retreat is meant to stoke a fire in you that you will take back home, be inspired to change your approach to performing and producing, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. This retreat is intended for us to connect, learn, grow, put our egos aside, discuss, brainstorm, probably cry some, and bask in the magical city that is New Orleans.

I am new. Can I come too?
YES! Absolutely. These classes will benefit anyone, at any level. Whether burlesque is a hobby, totally new to you, or you are a seasoned professional. Everyone is welcome and we all learn from each other at the different phases in our experience!

How much will it cost?
The retreat investment is $500. I call it an investment because that is what you are doing. You are investing in yourselves! You are stepping out of your comfort zone to challenge your processes and take a chance on learning some really awesome skills from some of the best in the biz.
A $100 deposit will be necessary to reserve your spot. This will be non-refundable. Payments can be made monthly and you must be paid in full by February 21st. I can only take 15 out of town people total. The sooner you start your payments, the better and it reserves your spot!

What does that include?
-Accommodations located in Mid-City. Just a short Uber or Lyft or drive to the studio. Side by side apartments with full kitchens and sleeping 8-10 people in each apartment.
-Admission to all classes offered that weekend.
-One meal per day. (I will only be making vegan food for the meal offered. It's delicious. I swear.)
-Admission to all Bella Blue Entertainment shows that weekend.
-Admission to the Instructor Showcase.
-I plan to end the retreat with our weekly Sunday Jazz Brunch and possible a class or 2 after the brunch. I am still working out the details with the restaurant.
-Guided activities throughout the city.
-Daily yoga/meditation
-Learning from world renowned burlesque and movement instructors.
-Discounts on private sessions.

What kind of classes?
Classes will take place at The New Orleans School of Burlesque located in the French Quarter. I am still working on getting offers/confirmations from all the instructors but so far, we will be offering classes in the following:
-Tech/stage management
...and more to come as we confirm instructors.

What if I am local?
Great! We want you to attend also. We will be looking for local hosts to accommodate instructors and help them get around. In trade, we can offer you one full day of classes and drop in rates for other classes you'd like to attend during the retreat.

What would I need to bring?
Heels you dance in regularly in your acts.
A boa.
A set of stockings.
Your stage makeup kit.
A notebook, pen, or recording device to record classes/lectures.
Clothing you can easily dance in.
A few outfits for going out at night.
Earplugs and eye masks are a must when sleeping together in a group setting like this!
A towel and washcloth/sponge.
Shoes you can easily navigate the bumpy Nola streets in.
Spending $.
MORE TO COME. Those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.


These are the basics for now! There will be so much more info to come but if this sounds like something you're into, let's start getting those deposits in!
If you aren't sure about what travel should cost, feel free to reach out and ask me about pricing, etc. I will do my best to help you find the best rates for travel from your city.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let me know!

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