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Vertical Sideshow: Giselle

The Vertical Sideshow

July 28 & 29 @ 10pm 

$20 - $25

candal sweeps Uptown Underground this July with a shocking twist on a classic fateful ballet.  "Giselle" is an age-old story ripped from the headlines steeped in torrid love triangles, celebrity rivalries, and tragic consequences.  The Vertical Side Show brings its own brand of tabloid sensationalism with a touch of burlesque, dance, circus acts, and dark humor. 

    The Vertical Side Show is a non-stop, fully immersive mash-up of music, dance, burlesque, theater, drag, and circus arts. Every show is different and features a wide range of performance styles keeping the audience guessing what’s coming next and where to look. The Vertical Side Show showcases multiple award-winning performers linked together in a seamless neo-vintage narrative that has been described as “gonzo” and “sleekly sensual”

ther Vertical Sideshow 2017 Dates: November 3 & 4

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The Vertical Sideshow : Giselle