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Veil & Fabric Manipulation NEW ORLEANS

$25 per person 

Silken fabrics flow and ripple unlike any other - when combined with light and movement they become magic for the human eye. Join Gaea Lady in exploring movement to let the fabric guide you during the dance. 

This class, for the Intermediate/Advanced Experienced Fabric & Veil practitioner, will divulge more secrets about the intricacies of moving Fabrics & weighted veils around the body with intention. Focusing on intricate patterns, dominant and non-dominant hand work, cultivating creative flow, & specific technique: planes, wrist and shoulder work, body wraps, & throws.

Students should bring a silk or light fabric veil, at least 3x6 feet. Students can also bring large fabric costume pieces or props for improvisation in class. Gaea will have a limited amount of veils available for use, borrow, and sale.

Please contact in advance for special orders!