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Bellydance Basics Workshop - NEW ORLEANS

WOrkshops with gaea lady 

3 workshops offered. $15-25 per workshop. $60 for all three.

Bellydance Basics

Saturday, December 10th at 2pm

90 minutes long. $15 per person.

ome say bellydance is one of the oldest forms of dance - having deep roots in women's circles preparing for marriage, birth, and celebration of life. The exotic and sensual movements in bellydance, also known as raqs sharqi, are inherent to the female bone and muscular structure. These undulating movements work with the figure to isolate and move both with staccato and smoothness. Bellydance helps to tone core muscles in the torso, and is a meditative workout that attunes yourself to your body. A great way to build confidence and learn to love your body exactly as it is - we all have beauty and feminine power in our own ways despite what advertisements and marketing might suggest to us. Learning the basics of bellydance will free up your body in ways you didn't know about before, enhancing your dance, daily movements, thoughts, and well... more!


In this workshop, we'll focus on learning a bit of bellydance history, getting in tune with our bodies with a quick stretch & warm up, and refining basic bellydance movements. We'll learn a short combination for you to show off later! All levels welcome.  Ladies & gentlemen, all ages, all welcome.



About Gaea Lady: 

Gaea Lady has been moving in mysterious ways since she was 3 years old and hasn't ever given it up. An enchantress by nature, she sees her body as her instrument to express herself. Studying classical forms to start her career, her attention soon went the way of the ethereal including fire, hoops and hypnotizing fabrics. Dabbling amid any form she can get her toes on, her style borrows from the graceful and energetic mix of all she’s studied in the past. Winner of “Best Debut” & “Most Classic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2016. Featured at Untitled’s Unbridled, The Naughty Little Cabaret, Rouge!, The Drifter, the Chicago Hoop Dancers, in the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, and with Pyrotechniq Fire Troupe, she travels all over the US performing & teaching.

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