Deepest Thanks to:

my loving family, and especially my parents and grandparents for encouraging and enabling my dance habits for years and years and years.

Dietrich McGaffey

Alyssa Martinez, Liz Campanella, Kelly Strycker, Kate Puckett.

The Savelli clan: Diane, Juliette, Jennifer, Sarah, and Guy.

The Transcateco Collective & all those in it past, present, & future.

My Econauts: Egon Scheile, Christopher Breedove, Alexander Love, Lia Allen, Tiana Hunter, Nick Prince, Matthew Weber, Hala Megahy, Felissia Cappeletti


Photographers & Videographers:

Arthur Edward Ortiz : FotoMoto Photography

Michael Silberman : Great Eye Films

Greg Inda : Greg Inda Photography

Trevor Kelley : Third Wheel Entertainment

Kelly Strycker : Kelly Strycker Photography

David Ziemba : Brilliantly Mad 

Al Zayed : Zayed Photo

Split Sugar Photography

Anastasios Ketsos & Angela Eve : Image Collective

Matthew Hollis : The Obsessive Eye Photography

Elisa Rose Mountain : Elisa Rose Mountain Tattoo & Art 

Geoffrey Harley : Burlesque Box